Step-changing study funded by the Kühne Foundation in the field of cardiology

Step-changing study funded by the Kühne Foundation in the field of cardiology A study published in the renowned New England Journal of Medicine shows that that overall mortality and the development of strokes after minimally invasive catheter-assisted treatment of aortic valve stenosis (TAVI) is about half that of surgical aortic valve replacement. The pioneering study […]

Modifiable risk factors responsible for half of cardiovascular diseases

Scientists of the Global Cardiovascular Risk Consortium under the auspices of the Department of Cardiology at the University Heart & Vascular Center of the Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and participation of Cardio-CARE have shown that the five classic cardiovascular risk factors overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, and diabetes mellitus are directly connected to […]

Cardio-CARE featured on Illumina

Can Genomics Stop the World’s Leading Cause of Death? Read the article on Illuminas website: Can Genomics Stop the World’s Leading Cause of Death? (

Kühne-Foundation Annual Report 2021

“The Kühne Foundation has dedicated itself to education and research as well as science in the field of logistics – including humanitarian logistics. Another focus is our medicine funding through research, therapy and training for allergology and gebirgsklinik, a renowed rehabilitation hospital, and various research institutions. In the area of culture, we support leading opera […]

Cardio-CARE featured in local newspaper

Are cardiac infarctions hereditary? Davos and Hamburg searching for disease genes. Two years ago, a study involving 9000 persons has been initiated in close collaboration between the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf and Cardio-CARE in Davos. 8000 of these persons have been selected at random, 1000 persons were diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases. The goal of this project is to find mutations in the genome which lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Kühne-Foundation Annual Report 2020

Key priority of the Kühne Foundation is the support for training, further education as well as research and science in the area of logistics. This also includes Humanitarian Logistics and a project concentrating on free global trade.