Successful Summer School on Training in Genetic Epidemiology

The second edition of the summer school “Training in Genetic Epidemiology“
held on the Medizincampus in Davos closed on June 15, 2024.

This pleasant and successful event focused on the generation, pre-processing, and analysis of whole genome sequencing data. As intended, the course was very lively due to the discussions between participants and course instructors. Many thanks to all participants for their enthusiasm, my colleagues at Cardio-CARE (Raphael Betschart, Giorgos Koliopanos, Cristian Riccio, Felix Thalén) as well as to Van-Duc Loo from Illumina and Jules Bourgon and Dimitar Petrov from PacBio.

Special thanks go to Cristian Riccio, Conny Huber, and Pascale Dillier for their excellent work in organizing the summer school.

Finally, we are grateful to the Austro-Swiss Region and the German Region of the
International Biometric Society, as well as the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, for the support of our summer school. 

Andreas Ziegler